Services & Pricing

In the table below you will find our standard pricing guide.  We will consider cutting deals on large orders; including cuts, studio time and delivery costs.  If you require a large run or have any queries, please contact us via the contact form.


At the moment we offer 12" cuts on 180 gram, 2mm thick PVC compound.  A wide range of exciting media is due soon: 7" and 10" formats, coloured, transparent and picture discs, and much more.  

The prices below are for single or multiple copies of the same original cut  onto compound 180g PVC and include basic audio mastering, white labels and paper sleeves.  If you require extras or have any queries, please get in touch via the contact form.  

1-5 CutsOrders of up to five vinyl cuts cost £20 each.

6+ Cuts6 or more identical cuts receive a 10% discount on the cost of the cuts.

Additional TracksEach additional audio track costs £3. (e.g: 1 x 12" with 3 tracks £23.00)

* Due to fluctuations in the price of materials, we reserve the right to change our prices without notice. In case of doubt, please contact us first.


Studio WorkBasic EQ correction and limiting for your cuts is free of charge. Additional studio work is charged at £35 per hour.  You may require this service if your audio needs any kind of restoration or correction of issues such as sibilance or excessive noise.  


Our standard UK mainland postage costs* are:

Single record

Second class: £2.50

First class: £3.00 

Recorded delivery: £4.00

Express delivery: £7.00

Up to 10 records

Next day special delivery: £10.00

For overseas orders or different quantities please contact us for a quote.

* Prices based on current UK postage costs. 

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